Formo is neato

Formo is a form module for Kohana 3 that lets you work with forms as objects.

Since Formo was written specifically for Kohana, installation is a breeze. To install Formo in your application: 1. Make sure you are running PHP 5.3.x or greater (5.4.x or greater if you want to use Formo's ORM trait) 2. Install using Composer: ``` { "require": { "bmidget/kohana-formo": ">=3.1", } } ```

Go to the Github Repo

## Extending Formo Core Like all things Kohana, Formo is made to be transparently extended. Extend the crap out of any class the same way you do any Kohana classes. Note that Formo follows a different standard for it's filesystem. Rather than placing its core files in `classes/kohana/{file}`, Formo's core files are located in `classes/formo/core/{file}`.
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